EPPO Global Database


Code created in: 2007-10-02

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: 1APIAG
  • Preferred name: Apiospora
  • Authority: Saccardo


Apiospora was rejected against Arthrinium and was then considered a synonym of Arthrinium (Crous & Groenewald, 2013; Réblová et al., 2016). It was later shown to be a distinct genus, and some Arthrinium species were transferred to Apiospora (Pintos & Alvarado, 2021). Not all species of Apiospora and Arthrinium in EPPO Global Database have been covered in recent studies, and the placement of some species is uncertain (2022-05).

* Crous PW, Groenewald JZ (2013) A phylogenetic re-evaluation of Arthrinium. IMA Fungus 4:133-154

* Pintos Á, Alvarado P (2021) Phylogenetic delimitation of Apiospora and Arthrinium. Fungal Systematics and Evolution 7: 197-221

* Réblová M, Miller AN, Rossman AY, et al. (2016) Recommendations for competing sexual-asexually typified generic names in Sordariomycetes (except Diaporthales, Hypocreales, and Magnaporthales). IMA Fungus 7: 131-153