EPPO Global Database

What is EPPO GD Desktop?

EPPO GD Desktop is the 'off-line' version of the EPPO Global Database which replaced PQR in July 2018. It is a piece of software which first needs to be installed on computers. Once installed, no Internet connection is needed to run it.


The EPPO GD Desktop contains the following data which is directly extracted from the EPPO Global Database:

  • Basic information for many species of interest to agriculture, forestry and plant protection (scientific names, synonyms, common names, taxonomic position and EPPO Codes).
  • Geographical distribution of regulated pests (including invasive alien plants) with world maps.
  • Lists of host plants of regulated pests
  • Categorization (quarantine status) of pests
  • Articles of the EPPO Reporting Service
  • Pictures of plants and pests

Note: EPPO GD Desktop does not contain EPPO Standards, PRAs and other EPPO pest-specific documents (these are only available via the EPPO Global Database).

The current version is dated


About Full / Lite version

The only difference between the Full and Lite versions concerns the images for pests and plants.
Full: contains all available images
Lite: contains only one selected image for each plant or pest