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EPPO Reporting Service no. 05 - 2017 Num. article: 2017/102

Xylella fastidiosa in Islas Baleares (ES): more details and detection in grapevine

At the end of October 2016, Xylella fastidiosa (EPPO A1 List) was found for the first time in Islas Baleares (ES) where containment measures are being taken (EPPO RS 2016/213, RS 2017/083). Since the first detection of the bacterium in Mallorca, 937 samples have been collected from various plant species and tested. As of 2017-05-09, 219 positive cases have been detected in plants or trees on the archipelago: 139 in Mallorca, 59 in Ibiza and 21 in Menorca. For the first time, the bacterium has been detected in a grapevine plant in Mallorca. The positive sample had been collected in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in a plot of table grapes grown for self-consumption, and not located in a wine-making production area.
  • In Mallorca, the presence of X. fastidiosa subsp. fastidiosa or X. fastidiosa subsp. multiplex has been confirmed in the following plant species: 53 wild olive trees (Olea europaea subsp. sylvestris), 46 almond trees (Prunus dulcis), 14 Polygala myrtifolia, 10 cultivated olive trees (O. europaea), 6 rosemary plants (Rosmarinus officinalis), 3 cherry trees (P. avium), 2 lavender plants (Lavandula dentata), 1 plum tree (P. domestica), 1 oleander (Nerium oleander), 1 Cistus sp., 1 mimosa (Acacia saligna), 1 grapevine plant (Vitis sp.). 
  • In Ibiza, X. fastidiosa subsp. pauca has been confirmed in: 36 cultivated olive trees (O. europaea), 15 wild olive trees (O. europaea subsp. sylvestris) 3 lavender plants (1 L. angustifolia, 2 L. dentata), 3 oleander plants (N. oleander), 1 mimosa (A. saligna), and 1 Polygala myrtifolia
  • In Menorca, X. fastidiosa subsp. multiplex has been confirmed in: 15 wild olive trees (O. europaea subsp. sylvestris), 3 cultivated olive trees (O. europaea), and 3 Polygala myrtifolia.

The situation of Xylella fastidiosa in Spain can be described as follows: Present, only in Islas Baleares, under official control.


Govern Illes Balears (2017-05-09) Confirmados 219 positivos por Xylella fastidiosa en las Illes Balears. http://www.caib.es/govern/pidip/dadesComunicat.do?lang=es&codi=8982890