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Uromyces transversalis(UROMTV)

Distribution details in Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 1985: Present, no details
* Pitta, G. P. B.; Figueiredo, M. B.; Cardoso, R. M. G.; Hennen, J. F. (1981) [Rust Uromyces transversalis a new disease on gladiolus in Brazil.] Biologico 47 (12), 323-328 (in Portuguese).
------- First record.

* Rolim, P. R. R.; Rubbo, M. S.; Oliveira, D. A.; Sartori, J. O. (1985) Biologico 51 (2), 29-33.
Situation in neighbouring countries
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Argentina Present, no details view...
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