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Trichoderma afroharzianum(TRCDAF)

Distribution details in Peru

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2020: Present, no details
* Chaverri P, Branco-Rocha F, Jaklitsch W, Gazis R, Degenkolb T, Samuels GJ (2015) Systematics of the Trichoderma harzianum species complex and the re-identification of commercial biocontrol strains. Mycologia 107(3),558-590.

* Pfordt A, Schiwek S, Karlovsky P, von Tiedemann A (2020) Trichoderma afroharzianum ear rot – A new disease on maize in Europe. Frontiers in Agronomy 2, 547758. https://doi.org/10.3389/fagro.2020.547758