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Tomato black ring virus(TBRV00)

Distribution details in Turkey

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 1994: Present, restricted distribution
From CABI Disease map 877 (2002): Present, restricted distribution
EPPO Reporting Service (94/202): found in survey of strawberry viruses in Aegean region in 1993. Then, EPPO Reporting Service (94/234).

EPPO Reporting Service (97/046): also on tomato in Izmir and on aubergines in Mugla.
* Akbas, B.; Erdiller, G. (1993) Journal of Turkish Phytopathology 22 (2-3), 55-63.

* Cicek, Y. (1994) Investigations on the incidence of strawberry viruses in the western part of Turkey. Poster presented at the 9th Congress of the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union.

* Erdiller, G.; Akbas, B. (1994) Journal of Turkish Phytopathology 23 (3), 119-126.

* Fidan, U. (1995) Journal of Turkish Phytopathology 24 (1), 7-14.

* Review of Plant Pathology, 76(1), p 55 (428).
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Bulgaria Present, no details view...
Greece Present, restricted distribution view...