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Spiroplasma kunkelii(SPIRKU)

Distribution details in Argentina

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2021: Present, restricted distribution
First recorded in: 1990
From CABI Disease map 1028 (2008): Present, no details
S. kunkelii causes severe damage in Argentina and is spreading. It occurs in the North Central part of the country in the provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Tucuman, Catamarca, Chaco, Corrientes, Santiago del Estero, Cordoba, San Luis and La Pampa (Giménez Pecci et al., 2000).
* Barontini JM, Malavera AP, Ferrer M, Torrico AK, Maurino MF, Giménez Pecci MP (2021) Infection with Spiroplasma kunkelii on temperate and tropical x temperate maize in Argentina and development of a tool to evaluate germplasm. European Journal of Plant Pathology 162, 455–463.

* Carloni E, Carpane P, Paradell S, Laguna I, Giménez Pecci MP (2013) Presence of Dalbulus maidis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) and of Spiroplasma kunkelii in the Temperate Region of Argentina. Journal of Economic Entomology 106(4), 1574-1581.

* Giménez Pecci MP, Laguna IG, Avila AO, de Remes Lenicov AMM, Virla E, Borgogno C, Nome CF, Paradell S (2002) [Diffusion of corn stunt spiroplasm (Spiroplasma kunkelii) and the vector (Dalbulus maidis) in Argentina.] Revista de la Facultad de Agronomía, La Plata 105(1), 1-8 (in Spanish). http://www.agro.unlp.edu.ar/revista/PDF/105_1_8.pdf

* Lenardon SL, Laguna IG, Gordon DL, Truol GA, Gomez G, Bratfute OE (1993) Identification of corn stunt spiroplasma in maize from Argentina. Plant Disease 77(1), p 100.

* Virla EG, Diaz CG, Carpane P, Laguna IG, Ramallo J, Geronimo Gomez L, Gimenez-Pecci MP (2004) Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas 30 (2), 403-413.
------- Tucuman province.
Situation in neighbouring countries
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