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Stralarivirus fragariae(SLRSV0)

Distribution details in Australia (South Australia)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2015: Absent, invalid record
From CABI Disease map 891 (2003): Present, few occurrences
From country itself (1992): South Australia, one record on Rheum rhabarbarum (rhubarb). Not present in Tasmania (detected in quarantine and destroyed).

In 2015, the NPPO declared 'The only record of Strawberry latent ringspot virus (SLRSV) in Australia is found in Cook and Dube (1989) listing its presence on rhubarb in South Australia. The record is considered unreliable as there are no details or reference to a specimen that would verify the presence of this virus in South Australia.'
* IPPC website. Official Pest Reports – Australia (AUS-71/1 of 2015-11-27) Absence of Strawberry latent ringspot virus from Australia. https://www.ippc.int/en/countries/australia/pestreports/2015/11/absence-of-strawberry-latent-ringspot-virus-from-australia/

* NPPO of Australia (1992).