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Sirococcus tsugae(SIROTS)

Distribution details in United States of America

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2013: Present, restricted distribution
- State of Vermont. Agency of Natural Resources. Forest Insect and Disease conditions in Vermont 2012.
- USDA. Forest Service (2010) Pest Alert. Siroccocus tsugae. Tip blight on Eastern hemlocks. http://na.fs.fed.us/pubs/palerts/tip_blight/tip_blight_lo_res.pdf

* Munck IA, Morin RS, Ostrofsky WD, Searles W, Smith DR, Stanosz GR (2018) Impact of Sirococcus shoot blight (Sirococcus tsugae) and other damaging agents on eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) regeneration in Northeastern USA. Forest Ecology and Management 429, 449-456.

* Rossmann AY, Castlebury LA, Farr DF, Stanosz GR (2008) Sirococcus conigenus, Sirococcus piceicola sp. nov. and Sirococcus tsugae sp. nov. on conifers: anamorphic fungi in the Gnomoniaceae, Diaporthales. Forest Pathology 38(1), 47-60.

* Stanosz GR, Smith DR, Sullivan JP, Mech AM, Gandhi KJK, Dalusky MJ, Mayfield AE, Fraedrich SW (2013) Expansion in the known geographic distribution and host range of the shoot blight pathogen Sirococcus tsugae. Poster presented at the 24th USDA Interagency Research Forum on Invasive Species (Annapolis, US, 2013-01-08/11), p 95.
------- On Tsuga canadensis in Georgia.

* Stanosz GR, Smith DR, Sullivan JP, Mech AM, Gandhi KJK, Dalusky MJ, Mayfield AE, Fraedrich SW (2011) Shoot blight caused by Sirococcus tsugae on Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) in Georgia. Plant Disease 95(5), 612-612.
------- On Tsuga canadensis.
Situation in neighbouring countries
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Canada British Columbia Present, no details view...
Canada Present, restricted distribution view...