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Rice yellow mottle virus(RYMV00)

Distribution details in Malawi

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2015: Present, restricted distribution
First recorded in: 2014
Symptoms were first observed in 2014 in several rice fields in Dedza district (incidence of 20-30%). Subsequently, a survey was conducted in Karonga (2 sites), Khanta Bay, Nkhotakota and Dedza Districts (four major rice growing regions). All tested samples (5) were positive.
* Ndikumana IA, Pinel-Galzi T, Mzengeza S, N’chimbi Msolla P, Njau I, Choi R, Murori R, Birigimana J, Fargette D, Hébrard E (2015) First report of Rice yellow mottle virus in rice in Malawi. Plant Disease 99(6), p 899.
Situation in neighbouring countries
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Tanzania Present, no details view...