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Pelargonium zonate spot virus(PZSV00)

Distribution details in Italy

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2012: Present, no details
EPPO Reporting Service (2013/195) : PZSV was originally isolated from Pelargonium zonale plants in Italy showing concentric chrome yellow bands on leaves. Found in Campania, Emilia-Romagna, and Puglia.
* Biccheri R, Babini AR, Blouin A, Lanzoni C, Pisi A, Poggi Pollini C, Credi R, Laghi L, Rocculi P, Rubies Autonell C, Pearson MN, Ratti C (2012) Pelargonium zonate spot virus infecting kiwifruit plants in Italy. Abstract of a paper presented at the 22nd International Conference on virus and other graft transmissible diseases of fruit crops (Rome, 2012-06-03/08), p 27.
------- On Actinidia chinensis cv. Hort16A in Faenza province (Emilia-Romagna region) in May 2011.

* Crescenzi A, Vovlas C, Ragozzino A (1992) Discovery of pelargonium zonate spot virus (PZSV) on tomato in Campania. Informatore Fitopatologico 42(3), 36-38 (in Italian).
------- On field tomatoes in various parts of Campania during summer 1990.

* NPPO of Italy (2011-10).
------- On Actinidia chinensis in Emilia-Romagna, some fruit deformation was observed but no real economic impact.

* Rana GL, Camele I, Balducci V (1990) Pelargonium zonate spot virus in garland chrysanthemum in Apulia. Informatore Fitopatologico 40(7-8), 59-62 (in Italian).
------- On Chrysanthemum coronarium in Puglia.

* Vovlas C, Gallitelli D, Franco A di (1986) Epiphytotics of Pelargonium zonate spot virus on tomatoes in Apulia. Informatore Fitopatologico 36(2), 39-41 (in Italian).
------- On tomatoes in Puglia.

* Vovlas C, Gallitelli D, Franco A di (1989) Observations on infections of Pelargonium zonate spot virus in tomato. Difesa delle Piante 12(1-2), 49-55 (in Italian).
------- On tomatoes in the province of Foggia (Puglia).
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