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Pseudacysta perseae(PSEYPE)

Distribution details in Bermuda

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2008: Present, no details
First recorded in: 1991
From CABI Pest map 772 (2013): Present, no details
EPPO Reporting Service (2008/117) : occurrence in Bermuda. This pest of avocado is spreading in the Americas.
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* INTERNET (last retrieved 2008-06)
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- Hoddle M, Morse J, Stouthamer R (2007) Pseudacysta perseae. Biology and management of avocado lace bug in California. Production Research Report, California Avocado Commission (US). http://www.avocado.org/growers/pdf/symposium-2007/Hoddle-Pests-Lace-Bug.pdf

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