EPPO Global Database

Robbsia andropogonis(PSDMAD)

Distribution details in Brazil

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2005: Present, restricted distribution
From CABI Disease map 495 (2015): Present, restricted distribution
Minas Gerais, Midwest, Southeast and South regions.
* Remundo, B. A.; Claflin, L. E. (2005) Current Microbiology 50, 52-56.

* Robbs, C. F.; Neto, J. R.; Ribeiro, R. de L. D.; Kirmura, O. (1982) Proceedings 5th International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Cali, Colombia, 16-23 August 1981, 54-59. Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), Cali, Colombia.
------- On Triplaris sp.

* LCR (1978).

* NCPPB (1995)
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Argentina Present, restricted distribution view...
Colombia Absent, unreliable record view...
Uruguay Present, no details view...
Venezuela Present, no details view...