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Pratylenchus coffeae(PRATCO)

Distribution details in Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2000: Present, no details
From CABI Disease map 816 (2000): Present, no details
* Curi, S. M.; da Silveira, S. G. P.; Miranda, H.; Vivarelli, J. B. (1989) Nematologia Brasileira 14, 143-145.
------- Source: WWW at http://nematode.ent.msu/nematology/p.htm.

* Prates, H. S.; Lordello, L. G. E. (1980) Trabalhos apresentados a IV Reuniao Brasileira de Nematologia, 16-20 de julho de 1979, Sao Paulo. Publicacao No. 4, 177-178.

* Rossi, C. E.; Zorzenon, F. J.; Inomoto, M. M. (1995) Ecossistema 20, 209-211.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Colombia Present, widespread view...
French Guiana Present, no details view...
Suriname Present, no details view...
Venezuela Present, widespread view...