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Potato purple-top roll agent(POPTR0)

Distribution details in India

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 1992: Present, no details
Belongs to the aster yellows group, Old World type (like potato stolbur and potato phyllody phytoplasma, which is one of the three Indian phytoplasmas). Regarded as similar to potato marginal flavescence agent by Khurana et al. (1988).
* Khurana, S.M.P.; Singh, R.A.; Kalay, D.M. (1988) Mycoplasma-associated potato diseases and their control in India. In Mycoplasma Diseases of Crops. Basic and applied aspects (eds. K. Maramorosch & J.P. Raychandhuri) Springer-Verlag, Berlin (DE).