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Lobesia botrana(POLYBO)

Distribution details in United States of America

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2016: Absent, pest eradicated
First recorded in: 2009
Eradication in: 2016
Pest status declared by NPPO: Absent: eradicated (2016-08)
From CABI Pest map 070 (2012): Present, few occurrences
A single adult and some larvae were detected in 2009 near Oakville (Napa County). This is the first known detection of this pest in the United States.

According to Gilligan et al. (2011), surveys conducted in 2010 detected the pest in several Californian counties (Fresno, Mendocino, Merced, Monterey, Napa, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma).

In 2012, the pest was eradicated from the Solano county (Stocks, 2012), as well as from the counties of Nevada, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma (NAPPO, 2012).

In 2014, the regulated area was reduced. Portions of Napa and Sonoma counties remain under quarantine.

In August 2016, eradication was officially declared.
* Gilligan TM, Epstein ME, Passoa SC, Powell JA, Sage OC, Brown JW (2011) Discovery of Lobesia botrana ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) in California: an invasive species new to North America (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 113(1), 14-30.

* NAPPO Phytosanitary Pest Alert System. Official Pest Reports.
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------- Eradicated from Solano county and parts of Sonoma and Napa counties.