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Cape St Paul wilt phytoplasma(PHYP55)

Distribution details in Ghana

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2014: Present, no details
First recorded in: 1937
EPPO Reporting Service (97/222): the lethal yellowing called Cape St Paul disease in Ghana is caused by a phytoplasma identical with that causing Awka disease in Nigeria (but different from those in other West African countries, in East Africa, and in the Caribbean).
* Philippe R, Nkansah JP, Fabre S, Quaicoe R, Pilet F, Dollet M (2007) Search for the vector of Cape Saint Paul wilt (coconut lethal yellowing) in Ghana. Bulletin of Insectology 60(2), 179-180.
------- Large numbers of Derbidae species were tested but none could be identified as potential vectors of the disease.

* Tymon, A.M.; Jones, P.; Harrison, N.A. (1997) Detection and differentiation of African coconut phytoplasmas: RFLP analysis of PCR-amplified 16S rDNA and DNA hybridisation. Annals of applied Biology, 31(1), 91-102.

* Yankey EN, Swarbrick PJ, Nipah JO, Quaicoe RN, Dickinson MJ (2014) Detection of the Cape St. Paul wilt phytoplasma in coconut palms in Ghana through the combination of visual symptoms assessment and molecular diagnosis using a seca gene based assay. Journal of Plant Pathology 96(2), 281-285.
Situation in neighbouring countries
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