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Peronospora belbahrii(PEROBE)

Distribution details in Hungary

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2015: Present, few occurrences
From CABI Disease map 1177 (2015): Present, few occurrences
First detected on Ocimum basilicum during field surveys conducted in 2010 in two plant stands at Budapest-Soroksár and Tordas. However, a similar disease had been observed in 2003 in a greenhouse at Albertirsa.
* Nagy G, Horváth A (2011) Occurrence of downy mildew caused by Peronospora belbahrii on sweet basil in Hungary. Plant Disease 95(8), p 1034.

* Petrzelova, I.; Kitner, M.; Dolezalova, I.; Ondrej, V.; Lebeda, A. (2015) Plant Disease 99 (3), 418.
Situation in neighbouring countries
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Croatia Present, no details view...