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Meloidogyne naasi(MELGNA)

Distribution details in Belgium

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2011: Present, no details
From CABI Disease map 1147 (2013): Present, no details
* Antoniou, M.; Evans, A. A. F. (1987) Nematologica 33 (2), 186-198.

* Nicol, J. M. (2002) In: Bread Wheat: Improvement and Production (Ed. by Curtis, B.C.; Rajaram, S.; Gomez Macpherson, H.). FAO, Rome, Italy. http://www.fao.org/docrep/006/y4011e/y4011e0p.htm#bm25.

* Vandenbossche B, Viaene N, Sutter N, de Maes M, Karssen G, Bert W (2011) Diversity and incidence of plant-parasitic nematodes in Belgian turf grass. Nematology 13(2), 245-256.

* Viaene N, Wiseborn DB, Karssen G (2007) First report of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne minor on turfgrass in Belgium. Plant Disease 91(7), p 908.
------- M. minor and M. naasi found together on turfgrass (golf courses) in Belgium.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
France Present, no details view...
Germany Present, no details view...
Netherlands Present, no details view...