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Margarodes vitis(MARGVI)

Distribution details in Chile

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 1994: Present, no details
From CABI Pest map 608 (2000): Present, no details
* Boursiquot, J. M. (1997) Progres Agricole et Viticole 114 (8), 177-181.

* Gonzalez, R. H. (1983) In: Manejo de plagas de la vid, 115 pp. Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Veterinarias y Forestales, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.
------- Indigenous.

* Jakubski, A. W. (1965) A revision of Margarodidae and Termitococidae. Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), 111-116.
------- Talea, Callihue, Requina, Quillota, Nos, Canquenes, Dept. Vichuquen, Buin, Santa Rita, Colina near Santiago.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Argentina Present, no details view...