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Globodera pallida(HETDPA)

Distribution details in Switzerland

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2019: Present, restricted distribution
Pest status declared by NPPO: Present, under eradication (2019-07)
From CABI Disease map 777 (2011): Present, restricted distribution
From NPPO (2018): during the 2018 annual official survey, viable cysts were detected in 1 sample (Bern canton). Under eradication.

From NPPO (2019): during the 2019 annual official survey, viable cysts were detected in 1 soil sample of a field that was destined for the production of seed potatoes (Fribourg canton). Under eradication, including a prohibition to grow potatoes and other host plants in this particular field for the period of at least 6 years.
* Anon. (1980) Landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch der Schweiz (Annuaire Agricole de la Suisse 81ème année) 94(3/4), 333-432.

* Blok V C, Malloch G, Harrower B, Phillips M S, Vrain TC (1998) Intraspecific variation in ribosomal DNA in populations of the potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida. Journal of Nematology 30(2), 262-274.

* NPPO of Switzerland (2018-12, 2019-07).

* Riel HR van, Mulder A (1998) In: Potato cyst nematodes: biology, distribution and control [Ed. by Marks RJ, Brodie BB], 271-298. CAB International, Wallingford, UK.

* Wittenberg R, Kenis M, Blick T, Hanggi A, Gassmann A, Weber E (2002) Invasive Alien Species in Switzerland. The environment in practice 0629. Federal Office for the Environment, Bern, Switzerland, 155 pp.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Austria Present, restricted distribution view...
France Present, restricted distribution view...
Germany Present, restricted distribution view...
Italy Present, few occurrences view...
Italy Sicilia Present, no details view...