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Cydalima perspectalis(DPHNPE)

Distribution details in Belgium

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2013: Present, restricted distribution
First recorded in: 2010
Pest status declared by NPPO: Present, at low prevalence, locally found in Antwerp, Limburg, East Flanders and Flemish Brabant (2013-12)
From CABI Pest map 764 (2012): Present, few occurrences
First found as larvae on imported Buxus plants at Ekeren in 2010. The pest was then trapped or observed in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg, East Flanders and Flemish Brabant, at low prevalence.
Flemish Entomological Society. Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Belgium. Cydalima perspectalis (Walker, 1859). http://webh01.ua.ac.be/vve/Checklists/Lepidoptera/Crambidae/Cperspectalis.htm

* NPPO of Belgium (2013-12).
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
France Present, restricted distribution view...
Germany Present, restricted distribution view...
Luxembourg Present, few occurrences view...
Netherlands Present, restricted distribution view...