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Dendroctonus valens(DENCVA)

Distribution details in Guatemala

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2013: Present, no details
* Anonymous (1973) Informe al Gobierno de Guatemala sobre infestaciones de Dendroctonus en los pinares de Guatemala basado en el labor de Edgar W. Clark, 27 pp (abst.).

* Cai YW, Cheng XY, Xu RM, Duan DH, Kirkendal LR (2008) Genetic diversity and biogeography of red turpentine beetle Dendroctonus valens in its native and invasive regions. Insect Science 15, 291-301.

Bark and Ambrosia beetles of the US & Canada. Dendroctonus valens. http://www.barkbeetles.info/us_canada_chklist_target_species.php?lookUp=491

* Sun JH, Lu M, Gillette NE, Wingfield MJ (2013) Red turpentine beetle: innocuous native becomes invasive tree killer in China. Annual Review of Entomology 58, 293-311.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Honduras Present, no details view...
Mexico Present, no details view...