EPPO Global Database

Bactrocera tryoni(DACUTR)

Distribution details in Australia (Western Australia)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 1997: Absent, pest eradicated
First recorded in: 1995
Eradication in: 1996
From CABI Pest map 110 (1999): Absent, pest eradicated
From NPPO: Absent, pest eradicated
Already said to be eradicated in 1995.

EPPO Reporting Service (97/177): 20th Session of APPPC, Chiang Mai (TH). Eradicated again in 1996 after a further outbreak in 1995.
* Ayling, G. (1989) Western Australia Journal of Agriculture 30, 159-162.
------- Under eradication.

* Dadour, I. R.; Yeates, D. K.; Postle, A. C. (1992) Journal of Economic Entomology 85 (1), 208-211.
------- Under eradication.

* Sproul, A. N.; Broughton, S.; Monzu, N. (Editors) (?1992) Queensland fruit fly eradication campaign appendix 5, calendar of events. Western Australia Department of Agriculture, Perth, Australia.
------- Detected in Perth Metropolitan area in 1989, eradicated in Nov. 1991.

* From APPPC
------- Absent, pest eradicated