EPPO Global Database

Citrus tatter leaf virus(CTLV00)

Distribution details in Taiwan

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2018: Present, few occurrences
From CABI Disease map 810 (2000): Present, no details
From NPPO: Present, few occurrences
* Lin CY, Chang L, Lin YH, Cheng HJ, Wu ML, Hung TH (2018) Biological and molecular characterization of citrus tatter leaf virus in Taiwan. Plant Pathology 67(4), 995-1008.

* Su, H. J.; Cheon, J. U.; Tsai, M. J. (1986) Plant virus diseases of horticultural crops in the tropics and subtropics, pp. 142-147. Food and Fertilizer Technology Centre for the Asian and Pacific Region, Taipei, Taiwan.
------- Endemic to Taiwan.

* Su, H. J.; Tsai, M. C. (1991) Integrated control of plant virus diseases, pp. 83-97. Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region, Taipei, Taiwan.