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Corythauma ayyari(COTMAY)

Distribution details in Italy

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2014: Transient, under eradication
First recorded in: 2012
Pest status declared by NPPO: Transient, detected on a potted plant. Further investigation will be carried out in the area (2013-01)
EPPO Reporting Service (2013/057) : detected in December 2012 on a single potted plant of Jasminum officinale located on a private balcony in Caserta, Campania region. The infested plant was destroyed.

also found in Palermo in Sicilia.
* Carapezza A (2014) Corythauma ayyari (Drake, 1933) new pest of jasmine in Italy (Heteroptera Tingidae). Naturalista siciliano serie IV 38(2), 381-384.
------- Palermo (Sicilia)

* NPPO of Italy (2013-01).
------- Caserta (Campania).

* Pedata PA, Guilbert E, Nugnes F, Mancini D (2013) [Discovery of a population of Corythauma ayyari (Heteroptera Tingidae) on Jasminum officinale (Oleaceae): a new phytophagous for Italy]. Protezione delle Colture 3, 36-39 (in Italian).
Situation in neighbouring countries
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France Present, few occurrences view...