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Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis(CORBMI)

Distribution details in Serbia

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2012: Present, restricted distribution
First recorded in: 1950s
From CABI Disease map 026 (2009): Present, restricted distribution
From NPPO: Present, restricted distribution
First observed in Serbia in the late 1950s but did not cause serious problems for more than 50 years. Severe outbreaks were observed in 2006 in several tomato-growing regions (mainly in greenhouses). Studies carried out in 2006-2008, detected the bacterium in 5 sites (greenhouses) and 1 outdoor site (Milijasevic-Marcic et al., 2012).
* Milijasevic S, Todorovic B, Rekanovic E, Stepanovic M (2009) Occurrence of bacterial canker of tomatoes in southern Serbia. Acta Horticulturae no. 808, 307-311.

* Milijasevic-Marcic S, Gartemann KH, Frohwitter J, Eichenlaub R, Todorovic B, Rekanovic E, Potocnik I (2012) Characterization of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis strains from recent outbreaks of bacterial wilt and canker in Serbia. European Journal of Plant Pathology 134(4), 697-711.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Bulgaria Present, restricted distribution view...
Hungary Present, restricted distribution view...
Romania Present, restricted distribution view...