EPPO Global Database

Blackcurrant reversion virus(BRAV00)

Distribution details in United Kingdom

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2002: Present, widespread
From CABI Disease map 849 (2002): Present, widespread
* Anon. (1979) Advisory Leaflet, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food No. 277, 7 pp.
------- UK.

* Jones, A. T.; Brennan, R. M.; McGavin, W. J.; Lemmetty, A. (1998) Annals of Applied Biology 133 (3), 375-384.
------- Scotland.

* Jones, A. T.; McGavin, W. J. (2002) Plant Disease 86 (12), 1333-1338.

* Thresh, J. M. (1970) Reversion in black current. In: Frazier, N.W. (ed.) Virus diseases of small fruits and grapevine, 84-85. University of California Press, USA.