EPPO Global Database

Advanced search

1. You can search for a taxon by entering its:
- names (scientific or common names) or its EPPO code (e.g. Bemisia tabaci, cotton whitefly or BEMITA)
- preferred name only (e.g. Bemisia tabaci)
- names only (e.g. Bemisia tabaci, cotton whitefly)
- EPPO code only (e.g. BEMITA)
  By defaut, this first search criteria is set on 'Names or EPPO codes'.

2. You can choose to search for:
- names (or codes) starting with a given chain of characters (e.g. Bemisia tab, BEMIT)
- names (or codes) which contain a given chain of characters (e.g. tabaci)
  By defaut, the search mode is set on 'Starting with'.

3. You can also restrict your search to a given type of organism or taxonomic group of organism:
- plant
- animal
- microorganism
- plant taxonomic group
- animal taxonomic group
- microorganism group
  By defaut, the type of organism is set on 'All'.