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EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 2006 Num. article: 2006/074

Eradication of Carpobrotus spp. in Minorca (Spain)

In 2001 the “Consell Insular de Menorca” started a project with the objective of protecting threatened plants. Three main threats were identified, of which one was the presence of the exotic invasive plant Carpobrotus. As a consequence, eradication was envisaged. Two preparatory actions were initially developed: a detailed GIS cartography of its distribution and the selection of an eradication method using experimental plots. GIS cartography appeared to be useful tool for the planning and coordination of eradication. It provided the exact amount of Carpobrotus present on the island (i.e. 27.8 ha), which was not known before the project. Eradication started in August 2002. The first actions were undertaken while the plant was still in isolated patches, but showing clear signs of expansion. The eradication then continued along the southern coast of the island, where the plant was mainly located around urban areas. In November 2003, the last eradication measures were applied in places with high plant density, located mainly in the north coast. As a result of this eradication campaign, the plant has been eradicated from 24 ha and 900 tons of Carpobrotus remains have been removed. It is stressed that the transport of eradicated plants had been a major difficulty throughout the project. It is considered that the threat represented by Carpobrotus has been much reduced in Minorca, as the plant is now only present in two places.


Fraga P, Estaún I, Olives J, Da Cunha G, Alarcón A, Cots R, Juaneda J and Riudavets X (2006) Eradication of Carpobrotus (L.) N.E. Br. in Minorca. In: Invasive plants in Mediterranean Type Regions of the World (Ed. by S Brunel). Council of Europe publishing. Strasbourg. p. 289-297.