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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2006 Num. article: 2006/014

EPPO Standards for the Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products:

The EPPO standards for the efficacy evaluation of plant protection products describe the conduct of trials carried out to assess the efficacy of plant protection products against specific pests. They were republished in 2004 in five volumes, which covered all standards approved until 2003-09. As the preparation of EPPO Standards is a continuing activity, new and revised standards have been approved since this publication. Updates are published every year. An update containing new and revised standards approved in 2005-09 is now available (in English only). This update can be ordered from the EPPO Secretariat at the price of 45 EUR, and includes the following standards:

Revised Standards
PP 1/28(3) Eyespot of cereals
PP 1/45(3) Soil pest complex on beet
PP 1/70(3) Aphid vectors of Barley yellow dwarf virus
PP 1/157(3) Regulation of growth in ornamental plants by pre-harvest applications

New Standards
PP 1/239(1) Dose expression of plant protection products
PP 1/240(1) Harmonized basic information for databases on plant protection products
PP 1/241(1) Guidance on comparable climates
PP 1/242(1) Taint tests
PP 1/243(1) Effects of plant protection products on transformation processes
PP 1/244(1) Secondary bunch rots on grapevine
PP 1/245(1) Aphids on maize
PP 1/246(1) Flea beetles on flax
PP 1/247(1) Regulation of growth in ornamental plants by post-harvest or ‘in store’ applications


EPPO Secretariat, 2006-01.