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EPPO Reporting Service no. 12 - 2008 Num. article: 2008/235

International congress on biological invasions

In collaboration with the NPPO of Slovenia, EPPO will organize a Workshop on eradication, containment and contingency planning in Nova Gorica on the 2009-02-10/12. It is still possible to register until the 2009-01-20 (registration fee is 125 EUR).

Key objectives for the workshop will be:
  • To analyze selected cases of eradication and identify success factors in responding to these outbreaks
  • To exchange experiences with eradication campaigns and draw general lessons from these experiences
  • To discuss critical elements in drafting pest-specific contingency plans, based on the draft EPPO Standard Generic elements for contingency plans
  • To reflect on the implications of ISPM No. 9 Guidelines for pest eradication programmes

To obtain more details and register, consult our web page:

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