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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2008 Num. article: 2008/191

10th World Congress on parasitic plants (Kusadasi, TR, 2009-06-08/12)

The International Parasitic Plant Society organizes its 10th World Congress on parasitic plants in Kusadasi (TR) on 2009-06-08/12 on the topic ‘Parasitic Plants in a Time of Global Change’.
Contribution and participation from researchers, industry, and other interested parties on weedy and non weedy parasitic plants is encouraged. The main topics will include:
  • Evolution and phylogeny of parasitic plants
  • Parasite biochemistry and physiology (including molecular biology)
  • Floral biology
  • Ecology and population biology of parasitic species
  • Host-parasite communication (germination stimulation, haustorial induction, etc.)
  • Host and non-host responses to parasitism
  • Parasitic weed management
  • Regulation and phytosanitation
  • Economics


The International Parasitic Plant Society: http://www.ippsturkey.com/default.asp?link=home