EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 11 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/223

EPPO recommendations on Sicyos angulatus

Sicyos angulatus (Cucurbitaceae) is an annual herbaceous vine originating from North America which was intentionally imported into the EPPO region as an ornamental plant. However S. angulatus may also enter new territories with contaminated commodities such as maize grain, seeds, or through contaminated machinery, soil or footwear. It is a weed of maize, soybean and sorghum crops and is now established in at least 10 EPPO countries (Austria, Croatia, France (South West, weed), Italy (northern, possibly also in Sicilia, weed), Moldova (invasive plant), Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine (established in the western and central parts)).
The Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for Sicyos angulatus was presented to the EPPO bodies and approved. This PRA concludes that Sicyos angulatus is very likely to spread further in the EPPO region and to cause moderate economic impacts on maize crops and that it would also have detrimental environmental effects. Neverthless, considering :
  • the huge number of pathways, and their low to moderate probability to introduce the plant,
  • the fact that the species is already widesperad in the EPPO region,
  • the existing possibilities for the eradication and containment of S. angulatus in the early stages of invasion,
it was concluded that internal measures such as monitoring/surveillance and eradication actions were more appropriate options than the prevention of entry. Recommendations on the internal measures that can be taken against S. angulatus are laid down in the EPPO National regulatory control systems (PM9) which was approved by the EPPO Council in September 2010.


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