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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2009 Num. article: 2009/011

First report of Tomato spotted wilt virus and Pepino mosaic virus in Ecuador

In 9 departments of Ecuador, a survey for the presence of viruses was carried out in several asymptomatic Lycopersicon species: several wild populations of L. hirsutum, L. parviflorum, L. pimpinellifolium and cultivated L. esculentum (tomato). Collected samples were serologically tested for the presence of Tomato spotted wilt virus (Tospovirus, TSWV – EPPO A2 list), Tomato mosaic virus (Tobamovirus, ToMV), Tobacco mosaic virus (Tobamovirus, TMV), Cucumber mosaic virus (Cucumovirus, CMV), Potato Y virus (Potyvirus, PVY), Potato X virus (Potexvirus, PVX), Groundnut ringspot virus (Tospovirus, GRSV), Tomato chlorosis spot virus (Tospovirus, TCSV) and Pepino mosaic virus (Potexvirus, PepMV). In positive samples, the presence of viruses was confirmed by RT-PCR with virus-specific primers. In this survey, TMV, PVY, PVX, GRSV and TCSV were not detected. L. pimpinellifolium was the only species found to be infected with viruses (ToMV, CMV, TSWV and PepMV). TSWV was found in Manabí department in one plant. The EPPO Secretariat had previously no data on the presence of TSWV in Ecuador. PepMV was found in samples from the departments of Manabí, Esmeraldas, Guayas (along the Pacific coast). No infected plants were found in samples collected in eastern Ecuador (departments of Azuay, Carchí, El Oro, Imbabura, Loja, Pichincha). According to the authors, this is the first report of PepMV in Ecuador, and the first report of L. pimpinellifolium as a natural host for this virus.
The situation of both Tomato spotted wilt virus and Pepino mosaic virus in Ecuador can be described as follows: Present, found in wild Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium along the Pacific coast.


Soler S, López C, Nuez F (2005) Natural occurrence of viruses in Lycopersicon spp. in Ecuador. Plant Disease 89(11), p 1244.