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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/199

9th Workshop of the EWRS working group ‘Physical and cultural weed control’ (Samsun, TR, 2011-03-28/30)

The 9th Workshop of the European Weed Research Society working group on ‘Physical and cultural weed control’ will be held on 2011-03-28/30 in Samsun (TR). The aim of the workshop is to create a forum where people involved in research in physical and cultural weed control can come together and exchange results, experiences, information, and establish new contacts and networks.

A tentative list of topics is provided:
  • Weed management in organic farming systems
  • Integrated weed management (arable and vegetable crops, orchards, tree nurseries)
  • Physical weed control in non-agricultural settings (urban areas, railroad tracks, etc.)
  • Preventive and cultural weed control (crop rotation, tillage system, false seedbed technique, seeding rate, fertilisation, etc.)
  • Cover crops, mulches and intercropping
  • Mechanical weed control, inter- and intra-row (harrowing, hoeing, brushing, etc.)
  • Thermal weed control (flame-weeding, steaming, soil solarization, lasers, etc.)
  • Precision guidance, weeding robots, etc.
  • New developments and technical innovations in physical weed control
  • Factors influencing the outcome of physical and cultural weed control
  • Weed population dynamics in physical and cultural weed management systems
  • Environmental impact of physical and cultural weed management
  • Research methodology in physical and cultural weed management
  • Exchange and transfer of information, and international cooperation (glossary, use of Internet resources, etc.)


European Weed Research Society, Physical and cultural weed control: http://www.ewrs.org/pwc/