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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2021 Num. article: 2021/191

Update on the situation of Toumeyella parvicornis in Italy

In Italy, the pine tortoise scale Toumeyella parvicornis (Hemiptera: Coccidae - EPPO Alert List) was first found in Campania region in 2014 and in 2018 in the city of Roma (Lazio region) (EPPO RS 2021/082). The NPPO of Italy recently informed the Secretariat of the presence of this pest in two new regions (Abruzzo and Puglia). 

In September 2021, the presence of T. parvicornis was confirmed on 480 pine trees (Pinus sp.) located in the municipality of Pescara (Abruzzo region) as well as 9 pine trees in the city of Bari (Puglia region). In these two cases, phytosanitary measures are applied, as defined by the Ministerial decree of 3 June 2021. They include the establishment of a demarcated area with a buffer zone of 5 km radius, the destruction of heavily infested plants, insecticide treatments and restriction of movement of host plants.

The pest status of Toumeyella parvicornis in Italy is officially declared as: Present, only in some parts of the Member State concerned, under containment, in case eradication is impossible.


NPPO of Italy (2021-09).

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