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EPPO Reporting Service no. 10 - 2010 Num. article: 2010/194

Bothriochloa laguroides new in France

In 1975, Auriault reported the finding of Bothriochloa imperatoides (Poaceae), a weed species of American origin in the Hérault Department (FR), but the exact identity of this xenophyte remained uncertain for a long time. The identity of the plant has been recently confirmed as B. barbinodis.
In Italy (Liguria region), Barberis & Orsino (1984) reported the presence of a closely related taxa, Bothriochloa saccharoides subsp. saccharoides, which has recently been reclassified as Bothriochloa laguroides (Banfi & Galasso, pers. comm., 2008). In France, a population of Bothriochloa sp. in Antibes (Department of the Alpes-Maritimes) appeared to be morphologically different from B. barbinodis and has been identified as B. laguroides, as in Italy. This is the first record of B. laguroides in France.


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