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EPPO Reporting Service no. 04 - 2021 Num. article: 2021/076

EPPO Standards on efficacy evaluation of plant protection products: update of the PP1 database

The EPPO Standards for the efficacy evaluation of plant protection products (PP1) describe the conduct of trials carried out to assess the efficacy of plant protection products against specific pests. They are addressed to all institutions, official registration authorities, public institutes or private firms carrying out such trials. All PP1 Standards[1] are stored in a database: https://pp1.eppo.int

The database has now been updated with the new and revised Standards that were approved by EPPO Council in September 2020.

General Standards

  • PP 1/319 (NEW) General principles for efficacy evaluation of plant protection products with a mode of action as plant defence inducers 
  • Revision of PP 1/239 (3) Dose expression for plant protection products
  • Revision of PP 1/307 (2) Efficacy considerations and data generation when making changes to the chemical composition or formulation type of plant protection products

Specific Standards

  • PP 1/320 (NEW) Trioza erytreae on citrus
  • PP 1/321 (NEW) Root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne sp.) in outdoor crops
  • PP 1/322 (NEW) Root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne sp.) on fruiting vegetables in protected conditions 
  • PP 1/323 (NEW) Evaluation of mating disruption techniques against Lepidopteran pests in grapevine, pome and stone fruits under semi-field conditions
  • Revision of PP 1/002 (5) Phytophthora infestans on potato
  • Revision of PP 1/019 (5) Seed-borne cereal fungi
  • Revision of PP 1/050 (4) Weeds in maize
  • Revision of PP 1/052 (4) Weeds in sugar and fodder beet and industrial chicory
  • Revision of PP 1/073 (4) Psylliodes chrysocephala on oilseed rape
  • Revision of PP 1/076 (4) Weeds in forage legumes
  • Revision of PP 1/091 (4) Weeds in Phaseolus and Pisum
  • Revision of PP 1/184 (3) Regulation of growth in citrus
  • Revision of PP 1/218 (2) Phyllotreta spp. on oilseed rape
  • Revision of PP 1/255 (2) Regulation of growth in pome fruits by post-harvest and ‘in store’ applications
  • Revision of PP 1/259 (2) Delia radicum on oilseed rape

Extrapolation tables approved to accompany EPPO Standard PP 1/257 Efficacy and crop safety extrapolations for minor uses are available on the EPPO website:


[1] General Standards (e.g. design, conduct, reporting and analysis of trials, phytotoxicity, effects on succeeding crops, analysis of resistance risk, minor uses) can be accessed free of charge. Access to specific Standards (e.g. aphids on potato, weeds in cereals) is provided for an annual fee. Subscriptions should be made directly online via the database.


EPPO Secretariat (2021-04).