EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 03 - 2021 Num. article: 2021/069

First report of Corydalis linstowiana in Belgium

Corydalis linstowiana (Papaveraceae) is native to the western part of Sichuan Province in China where it grows in forest margins, at altitudes of between 1 300 – 3 400 m a.s.l. In the EPPO region, the species is an uncommon ornamental species with only one supplier recorded in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the München Botanical Gardens in Germany, the species is regarded as an invasive weed.  In Belgium, C. linstowiana was recorded in April 2019 along a former railway track in Bruges (province of West Flanders) approximately 100 m from a garden centre. The population has been present in this area for at least five years.  It is not clear how C. linstowiana arrived in this area, though the authors suggest it was probably introduced as a contaminant of other pot plants. Although there is no information available on its potential invasiveness, the congener C. incisa has shown invasive behaviour in the USA, where in just a few years since its detection, it has become a problematic species that can invade nature reserves.


Verloove F, Devos L (2021) The Chinese weed Corydalis linstowiana (Papaveraceae) recorded for the first time in Belgium. Dumortiera 117, 36-39.