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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2021 Num. article: 2021/010

First report of Spodoptera frugiperda in Syria

In December 2020, the NPPO of Syria officially reported the presence of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae – EPPO A1 List) on its territory. Larvae were found for the first time in maize (Zea mays) plants grown in 4 rural farms in the southwestern governorate of Dara'a. Affected maize plants showed typical symptoms of the pest. It is thought that the pest spread naturally from nearby Jordan, where it has been found recently (EPPO RS 2020/213).

The pest status of Spodoptera frugiperda in Syria is officially declared as: Present: only in some areas.


IPPC website. Official Pest Reports – Syria (SYR-01/2 of 2020-12-27) First record of Fall Armyworm in Syria. https://www.ippc.int/fr/countries/syrian-arab-republic/pestreports/2020/12/first-record-of-army-warm-in-syria/