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EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2020 Num. article: 2020/187

Recommendations to policy makers from Euphresco projects

The following research project has recently been carried out in the framework of Euphresco (network for phytosanitary research coordination and funding - hosted by EPPO). A report presenting the main objectives and results of this project, as well as recommendations made to policy makers can be viewed on the Internet.

Risk-based strategies to prepare for and manage invasive tree borers - Pest Risk Evaluation and Pest management SYStems (PREPSYS)

The PREPSYS project addressed the question ‘How can we best prepare for and manage the risks and impacts of Agrilus planipennis (emerald ash borer) and Agrilus anxius (bronze birch borer)?’ Research activities aimed to fill-in the gaps in the knowledge on the pests’ biology, dispersal, economic/environmental impacts and control methods in order to support preparedness of European countries.

Given the limited resources available for surveillance activities, the consortium recommends that liaison with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) should be further encouraged (e.g. use of A. anxius and A. planipennis pest survey cards, and of Ribess+ modelling for surveys). Coordination of trapping effort, including selection of trap type and lures should also be given high priority by EU Member States. 

Concerning the management of both pests, it is now clear from ongoing usage and research in North America that trunk injection of emamectin benzoate is an effective treatment to manage infestations of EAB and allow more time to find other options for those managing the pest. Urgent steps should be taken in the EU to test and register emamectin benzoate for this purpose. 

Some biological control agents used in North America showed promising results in successfully establishing and reducing Agrilus populations: Spathius agrili, Tetrastichus planipennisi, Spathius galinae and Oobius agrili. The consortium recommends fast-tracking of safety testing for release of the biological control agents and capacity building for commercial scale production and release of the most promising candidate species.

Authors: Evans, Hugh; Hoch, Gernot; Douglas, Gerry; Loomans, Antoon; Meissner, Heike.

Duration of the project: 2016-10-01 to 2019-09-30.

Link: https://zenodo.org/record/4014893#.X2Duvmgzbct


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