EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2020 Num. article: 2020/180

First report of Perilla frutescens in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Perilla frutescens (Lamiaceae) is an annual herbaceous species that grows up to 2 m tall. It is native to the Himalayas and South East Asia. P. frutescens is divided into three varieties (P. frutescens var. frutescensP. frutescens var. purpurascens and P. frutescens var. crispa). Within the EPPO region, P. frutescens has been reported as alien in Belgium, Croatia (Dalmatia), Czech Republic, European Russia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The species is invasive in parts of North America where it grows along roadsides, ditches, forest margins, and on hillsides. It spreads to natural areas, especially disturbed areas. It can disrupt native ecosystems by outcompeting native plants. It is also toxic to livestock. The first finding of P. frutescens for Bosnia and Herzegovina was recorded in Central Bosnia, near Jelaške village at the beginning of August 2018. Only a few plants were observed at a rubbish dump. The species has recently been recorded along the banks of the Krivaja River in the vicinity of the village Jelaške near the Olovo town. It is unknown how this species was introduced into Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it is most likely as a garden escapee. Further monitoring of the species should take place.


Maslo S, Šarić Š, Sarajlic N (2019) Perila frutescens (L.) Britton (Lamiaceae), a new alien species in the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prosinac 7, 2.