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EPPO Reporting Service no. 07 - 2020 Num. article: 2020/154

First report of Amaryllis belladonna in Tunisia

Amaryllis belladonna (Amaryllidaceae) is native to the Western Cape region of South Africa and has been widely cultivated as an ornamental species. The species has been introduced in the USA (California), the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand. In Italy, the species is considered to be locally naturalised. In Sejnanem (Governorate of Bizerta), Northern Tunisia, in 2016, a population of over 100 individuals of A. belladonna was observed growing in the natural environment over an area of 100 m2. In this area, 120 m above sea level, A. belladonna was recorded growing together with several thermo-xerophilous herbs and grasses forming the undergrowth of a plantation of Cupressus sempervirens.


Mokni RE, Pasta S, Pacifico D (2020) Amaryllis belladonna L. (Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllidoideae), first record as naturalized geophyte in Tunisia and continental North Africa. Haccquetia 19/2, 331-336.