EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 02 - 2020 Num. article: 2020/044

Melia azedarach, Canna indica and Pelargonium zonale in Algeria

Melia azedarach (Meliaceae) is recorded as naturalized in Algeria. The species is native to South Asia and was introduced into Algeria as an ornamental species. Similarly, the species was introduced into the USA as an ornamental species in the 1800s and has since become an invasive species invading roadsides and forests edges. It is also recorded as invasive in parts of Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and parts of South America. In the EPPO region, the species is recorded as naturalized in France, Cyprus, Israel, Italy, Jordan and Malta. In North America, it can form dense stands which can restrict the growth of native vegetation. In Algeria, near the town of Skikda, M. azedarach has been observed along roads for consecutive years from 2014-2019. 

Canna indica (Cannaceae) is native to Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. It is reported as invasive in Africa (e.g. Kenya, Malawi, South Africa) and several oceanic islands. In Algeria, the species was introduced in the early 1800s as an ornamental species and small populations have recently been reported growing among native species. It has been recorded along roadsides between Stora and the town of Skikda. 

Pelargonium zonale (Geraniaceae) is native to South Africa and has been cultivated as an ornamental plant in many regions of the world. The species has escaped from cultivation in Puerto Rico. In Algeria, the species was introduced as an ornamental species. In 2017, it was found at several sites in the city of Salah Chebel and in 2019 along the road network linking Filfilla to Hamrouche Hamoudi. It has also been found growing in waste land. 

All of the aforementioned species should be monitored in Algeria and included on a watch list to ensure the early detection of any invasiveness. 


Sakhraoui N Chefrour A, Metallaoui S (2019) Naturalisation de Melia azedarach (Meliaceae) et premier signalement de Canna indica (Cannaceae) et Pelargonium zonale (Geraniaceae) en Algérie. Flora Mediterranea 29, 223-226.