EPPO Global Database

EPPO Reporting Service no. 09 - 2019 Num. article: 2019/195

EPPO–Q–bank Invasive alien plants

The EPPO–Q–bank invasive plants database includes curated molecular sequence data on vascular plants (excluding algae and mosses) with a special focus on aquatic (non-marine) plants. As part of an ongoing project to provide identification tools for invasive alien plant species listed as species of Union concern (EU Regulation 1143/2014), further sequence data were added to the database in September 2019. At present sequence data are available for 12 of the 14 invasive alien plants species listed in 2016 (including data for 30 look-alike species), and 5 of the 7 species listed in 2017 (including data for 20 look-alike species). In total 263 sequences of species of Union concern are listed along with 178 sequences of look-alike species. All sequence data are supported by a herbarium voucher and details on the specimen can be consulted via the EPPO-Q-bank Invasive Plants website with additional information available on http://www.q-bankplants.eu. As there are still some issues to be resolved on correct identity of Heracleum species in collections from the Baltic States, sequence data for H. persicum and H. sosnowskyi (both EPPO A2 List) have not yet been included. Further sequence data for new species listed as species of Union concern will be added in 2020. 


EPPO–Q–bank website: https://qbank.eppo.int/