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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2019 Num. article: 2019/173

Impacts of Impatiens glandulifera on plant species diversity in the Tatra Mountains (Poland)

Impatiens glandulifera (Balsaminaceae: EPPO List of Invasive Alien Plants) is an annual species native to the Himalayas and widespread within the EPPO region. The species can form dense monocultures in damp woodlands and along the banks of rivers which can have negative impacts on native plant species and ecosystem services.  Although there are a number of studies that have evaluated the impact of the species along rivers and in woodlands, there are only a few studies that have assessed the impact of the species in mountain regions within Europe.  To evaluate the potential impact of I. glandulifera on plant species richness and diversity, invaded and uninvaded sites were compared in the northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains, southern Poland.  In total, 65 plots invaded by I. glandulifera were compared to 65 uninvaded plots. The percentage cover of I. glandulifera was estimated for each invasive plot and in all plots the number and abundance of native plant species was estimated.  Invaded plots had reduced plant species richness and diversity compared to uninvaded plots.  Uninvaded plots had on average 19 species plant species compared to 12 in invaded plots.   Plant species diversity was negatively affected by percentage cover of I. glandulifera.  Based on these findings, the current authors highlight that the spread of I. glandulifera should be monitored and controlled in the Tatra Mountains.


Kieltyk P, Delimat A (2019) Impact of the alien plant Impatiens glandulifera on species diversity of invaded vegetation in the northern foothills of the Tatra Mountains, Central Europe. Plant Ecology 220, 1-12.