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EPPO Reporting Service no. 08 - 2019 Num. article: 2019/158

Update of the situation of Popillia japonica in Portugal (Azores)

The NPPO of Portugal recently informed the EPPO Secretariat of the first detection of Popillia japonica (Coleoptera: Rutelidae – EPPO A2 List) in the Island of Graciosa (Azores) in February 2019. The insect was already known to occur on other islands of the archipelago (Terceira, Faial, Flores, Pico, Sao Jorge, and Sao Miguel) but not on the mainland. As part of an official survey, 41 pheromone traps were placed throughout the Island and 902 visual inspections were carried out. As a result, 9 adults were captured in 5 of the traps (in the municipalities of Luz and São Mateus). No damage was detected on plants. Official phytosanitary measures have been implemented to eradicate the pest.

The pest status of Popillia japonica in Portugal is officially declared as: Present, only in some parts of the Member State concerned, under containment, in case eradication is impossible.


NPPO of Portugal (2019-08).