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EPPO Reporting Service no. 01 - 2019 Num. article: 2019/009

First report of Garella (=Erschoviella) musculana in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, Garella musculana (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae - EPPO A2 List) was found in late June 2018 in the village of Botevo, Varna province (approximately 25 km north-west of Varna). This finding was made by a visiting entomologist during his stay in this village, where approximately 10 unusual moths were found among insect specimens caught in light traps or observed attracted by light on an adjacent illuminated wall. The identity of the insect could then be confirmed morphologically. Further investigations revealed that G. musculana had in fact been observed earlier by another entomologist but that this first record had not been published. In September 2016, a single male specimen of G. musculana had been observed at the Byala Beach Resort, Varna province (40 km south of Varna). At that time, the presence of a single moth in a coastal locality could have been interpreted as a wandering individual but the more recent finding of several specimens in the village of Botevo indicates that G. musculana is probably established in Bulgaria.

The situation of Erschoviella musculana in Bulgaria can be described as follows: Present, only in some areas (first found in 2016 in Varna province).


Beaumont HE (2018) The occurrence of Garella musculana (Erschov, 1874) (Lep.: Nolidae) in eastern Bulgaria. Entomologist’s Records and Journal of Variation 130(6), 315-316.