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EPPO Reporting Service no. 06 - 2017 Num. article: 2017/123

Grapevine fabavirus a new virus of grapevine

A new virus tentatively named Grapevine fabavirus (Fabavirus, GFabV) has recently been reported in California (USA). This virus was detected (NGS) during the testing of 2 selections of Japanese table grapes (Vitis vinifera cvs. Black Beet and Nagano Purple) which had been introduced from the Republic of Korea in 2013 in a grapevine collection (Foundation Plant Services, Davis). Studies conducted in California have shown that GFabV could be graft-transmitted to V. vinifera cv. Cabernet Franc. In addition, GFabV was then also detected in 2 additional grapevine selections, one from India and the other from the Republic of Korea. In California, field surveys and biological studies will be conducted to determine the prevalence of GFabV, evaluate its potential natural spread, and assess its impact on grapevine. In later studies conducted in China, the presence of GFabV was detected in grapevine material (Vitis vinifera cv. Ruby seedless grafted on Vitis riparia × V. labrusca) showing chlorotic mottling and leaf deformation. It was also concluded that more studies were needed to determine the effects of GFabV on grapevine.


Al Rwahnih M, Alabi OJ, Westrick NM, Golino D, Rowhani A (2016) Near-complete genome sequence of grapevine fabavirus, a novel putative member of the genus Fabavirus. Genome Announcements 4(4), e00703-16. doi:10.1128/genomeA.00703-16

Fan XD, Zhang ZP, Ren F, Hu GJ, Li ZN, Dong YF (2017) First report of Grapevine fabavirus in grapevines in China. Plant Disease 101(5), p 847.